Revitalized and Redesigned: Recapping 2023’s Remodels

By: Rachael Boyer

Dec 4, 2023


It's time for our annual recap of the most inspiring and transformative home remodel projects that we had the pleasure of completing in 2023! As the year comes to a close, we find ourselves immersed in a world of innovation, creativity, and a renewed focus on making homes both functional and aesthetically pleasing. From sleek kitchen makeovers to cozy basement retreats, the past year has witnessed a surge of homeowners unleashing their imagination to reimagine and revitalize their living spaces.

Whether you're seeking inspiration for your own renovation or simply looking to stay on top of the latest trends, our recap of 2023's top Authority Companies home remodel projects is your ultimate guide to the transformative power of home design and quality implementation.

Join us as we explore the diverse range of styles, techniques, and innovative solutions that have defined the home renovation landscape over the past year. From unique kitchen upgrades to luxurious bathroom retreats, our curated selection of projects showcases the creativity and dedication of homeowners and our team who have turned dreams into reality.

Get ready to be inspired, informed, and excited as we delve into the captivating world of home remodeling. Let's celebrate the ingenuity of 2023's top projects and discover the endless possibilities that await within the walls of our homes. Welcome to a world where every room tells a unique story, and every renovation is an opportunity for reinvention.

Whole Homes

The Generational Homestead

The Generational Homestead embarks on a remarkable journey of renewal as every nook and cranny of this cherished residence undergoes a sweeping transformation. From the timeless charm of the living room to the modern functionality of the kitchen, each space is thoughtfully reimagined to seamlessly blend the nostalgia of the past with the demands of the present. This whole home remodel is a testament to the enduring spirit of family, preserving the rich history of the homestead while infusing it with contemporary comforts. The Generational Homestead becomes a living canvas, illustrating the harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation in a space that transcends generations


Farmhouse Features

Embracing the rustic allure of country living, the Farmhouse Features kitchen remodel unfolds as a captivating ode to simplicity and warmth. This transformation transports the heart of the home into a haven of charm, where weathered wood and vintage accents converge with modern functionality. From the farmhouse sink that whispers of a bygone era to the open shelving that proudly displays cherished heirlooms, every detail is carefully curated to evoke a sense of nostalgia. The Farmhouse Features kitchen is a celebration of timeless design, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with contemporary convenience, creating a space that beckons both seasoned cooks and cherished family gatherings.


Bathroom Renaissance

Step into a realm of opulence and rejuvenation with the Bathroom Renaissance, where every detail intertwines to redefine the art of self-care. This transformative remodel breathes new life into the space, transcending the mundane and embracing a symphony of elegance. From the soothing palette of serene hues to the decadent fixtures that exude luxury, each element orchestrates a sensory experience. The Bathroom Renaissance marries functionality with aesthetics, featuring innovative storage solutions and spa-like amenities. This remodel is a testament to the rebirth of the bathroom as a sanctuary – a private retreat where daily routines become moments of indulgence, marking a new era in the evolution of home sanctuaries.


Remarkable Basement Remodel

In the Remarkable Basement Remodel, the once overlooked space transforms into a haven of endless possibilities and unmatched functionality. This ambitious project unravels the layers of potential concealed beneath the surface, unveiling a space that transcends mere storage into a vibrant extension of the home. Creativity and practicality converge as innovative lighting, versatile layouts, and curated design elements breathe life into the previously underutilized area. From a curated entertainment hub to a cozy family hang-out, the Remarkable Basement Remodel proves that with vision and ingenuity, a basement can emerge as a captivating retreat that seamlessly integrates into the fabric of daily life, elevating the entire home experience.

While these projects showcase only a fraction of the remodels we completed this year, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite transformations as we look forward to what 2024 has in store. To uncover more of what we tackled over the past 12 months - including garage conversions, master bedroom havens, innovative storage solutions, exterior overhauls, and so much more - take a look at our Remodel Portfolio. And when you are ready to make your home everything you've dreamed it could be, set up your Complimentary Consult to take the exciting first step!