A Remarkable Basement Remodel

By: Rachael Boyer

Aug 2, 2023

Our goal with every remodel we complete is to bring families together at home - whatever that means for them. We recently wrapped up a basement remodel for a family navigating loss, and bringing this family together meant something very unique to them.


The homeowner is the talented writer behind The Whiskey Widow blog, and her online space is dedicated to working through and sharing her family's experiences after the loss of her husband in 2021. The 'Whiskey' part of her blog name is a nod to her husband's extensive whiskey collection, which was a large motivator for her basement remodel project.

Looking for a place to display the collection and gather with friends and family to share memories and reminisce about her husband's impact on the lives of those around him, the pivotal piece of this remodel was creating a wet bar. Another key component of the project was adding a fireplace to create a cozy spot to come together during our seemingly never-ending winters.

The homeowner shared a glimpse of the remodel process on The Whiskey Widow blog, and how her children were able to be a part of the project by sharing their opinions and helping select various components of the overall design. She knew that now was the time to complete the remodel to allow the kids years to enjoy the space and have the room to be together as family. It was truly an honor to be a part of this impactful basement remodel, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to play a small part in bringing this family's vision for their basement to life.